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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Long Time No See

I was reminded of my totally ignored blog by a kind visitor who left a worthwhile comment. Even I was surprised how long I have been away -- a full year and a half. Life and other committments just got in the way.

The good news is that during this time I have managed to creep down to 155 lbs. Of course staying there is something else. I'm usually bouncing around between 155 - 160 lbs. But it's a long way from where I began.

So how did I manage to drop another 10 lbs. when I couldn't even manage 2 lbs.?

I have always known that I'm a stress eater. Worse, I always keep my fridge and my cupboards full. It's all healthy food, true, but you can OD on healthy food just as easily as junk food when the stress cravings set in.

I felt like I was becoming depressed over a lot of things happening in my life, so I asked my doctor to prescribe Prozac for me. She did and I began taking the happy pills until my hands started to shake. That was it. No more Prozac for me. But I did discover that my food cravings abated while taking the Prozac. It still wasn't enough to counter the negative efffects of the drug.
I had an old bottle of melatonin in my medicine cabinet and knew of it's calming effects. I had used them as a sleep aid. I tried one 3mg. tablet, and lo and behold, it had the same positive effect of Prozac but without the adverse reaction, and I didn't end up sleepy.

My secret bullet has become melatonin along with counting calories which I'll save for another post. If, however, you are a stress eater like I am, you might want to try this natural approach to stress reduction and, hopefully, weight reduction as well.

Chow for now.

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