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Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Quarter Century and Counting

Again, I was reminded that I have this blog. My last post over two years ago reiterated that I am still dieting and still haven't managed to lose the weight I want to lose. Well, guess what? I have now been at it for a quarter of a century - 25 years - and I still have not managed to lose 25 pounds.

You'd think it would be easy losing a pound a year. After all,  if I had had that goal, I would be 25 pounds lighter today. But I didn't think of that 25 years ago. This might be a lesson for those struggling with weight loss. Don't set your goals so high. One pound a month, one pound a year is a lot easier than one pound a week. Unfortunately, time is not on my side anymore. I don't have 25 years to lose 25 pounds, so I'm simply going to give up on losing weight and just try not to gain any.

That's a tough call when you love food as much as I do. It's also tough after you reach a certain age (which I reached more than a few years ago). Metabolism slows considerably. Energy levels begin to drop. Looking beautiful (or handsome) isn't as important as it used to be. Not that anyone should let themselves go. It's just that there are more important things in life than looking good.

And let's not forget happy hours. It's not the alcohol that's the problem; it's the foods that are necessarily loaded with calories because most are quick-served which usually means fried and/or high in carbs. Think burgers, french fries, fish and chips, pasta. Somehow a hummus plate doesn't have the same appeal. A glass of wine or a martini doesn't do near the damage to ones diet as happy hour food. But give up happy hours? Not on your life.

Rather, I am trying to eat healthy on days that I don't go to happy hour. Having one of the best farmer's markets almost in your back yard makes it relatively easy in the summer and on into early fall. Many days breakfast, lunch and dinner consist of nothing but fresh veggies. I'm OD-ing on tomatoes. The cosmonaut tomato is one of the best I've ever eaten. I can only find it at one produce stand, but it always makes my trip to the market on Wednesday and Saturday worthwhile. Zucchini sliced on the diagonal and cooked in a grill pan with some olive oil, balsamic glaze and Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute does justice to this humble fruit. (Yes, technically tomatoes and zucchinis are fruits.) Melons, peaches, berries and so much more in such bounty is hard to say "no" to.

So I will no doubt forget about this blog again until I am reminded in two years, more or less, that it's still hanging around. I'm hoping that I can check back then at the same weight I am today. I would consider that a success.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

23 Years and Counting!!

I was just reminded by someone's comment that this blog still existed. I have been rereading some of my posts only to discover that 8 years ago I weighed the same as I do today. Nothing has changed. I'm still trying to lose 25 pounds and am still nowhere near my goal.

I am reminded every time I go to happy hour with friends just how much I am addicted to good food. At one of my favorite Greek restaurants on Friday, Greek-style lasagna was the happy hour specialty. I could have ordered meatballs, but the lasagna sounded so much better. It was a toss-up between the lasagna and mussels. Of course, I opted for the lasagna simply because I starve myself of bread, pasta and other heavy carb meals all week long. Not only was the lasagna magnificent, but the owner/waitress of the restaurant brought me a side order of mussels as well. I proceeded to eat it all. I was having a mind-blowing, orgasmic food experience and I didn't want it to end. I was hungry, and the food was consoling my taste buds.

As I waddled out of the restaurant, I vowed never to do that again -- but, of course, I will and I know I will. Why do I keep trying to fool myself. It's a good thing it was only happy hour. The portions are small, so I didn't eat as much as I could have. They were also relatively expensive compared to many of the happy hours I go to. Happy hours keep me from overeating, but they doesn't keep me from opting for foods that aren't good on a diet. I eat enough rabbit food when I'm home; I don't want it when I go out to eat. I indulge in single portion wood fired pizzas, juicy lamb burgers, halibut fish and chips, a couple glasses of wine - need I say more. Of course, I don't do this every day, but I do go to happy hour a couple of times a week - certainly enough times to derail any diet.

I will, however, get up tomorrow morning and start the dieting process all over again. Maybe I'll lose a couple of pounds before I go to my next couple of happy hours and gain it all back. Maybe if I spent a month or two hiking the Pacific Crest Trail I could take it all off. I'm pretty sure I have to be kept completely away from restaurants, friends, grocery stores and any other temptation that might befall me. Wilderness hiking sounds like to good bet except for protein bars and water.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Diet and TV Commercials

I did well today. Walked for a little over a mile this AM. Did some trimming in the garden before the sun came over the rooftop to broil me. Temperatures yesterday were near 100 degrees. Today was a bit better, only around 90 degrees. Needless to say, I spent most of the day in my air-conditioned home.

When I sat down for dinner this evening, I didn't think much about having the TV on. It's the time of day I catch up on the breaking news. I didn't think about it until I remembered that when I watch TV at night in bed, the minute a commercial comes on, I get cravings for food -- any kind of food -- even if I just finished dinner. I can usually control these cravings because I know what's causing them. I simply hit the ute button until the commercials are over.

It didn't occur to me that the same thing was happening when I watched TV during my dinner. If I watch public broadcasting, I don't have a problem -- no commercials. But network TV is lethal to my diet. Mind you, the commericials can be about anything; they don't have to be about food.

I'm sure the origin of this quirk in my psyche would be very telling, but I don't have the time or the inclination to discover what it is. Suffice to know that I can eliminate the cravings with the click of the mute button.

Chow for now,

The Undaunted Dieter

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